The next PBID Advisory Board meeting will be:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

at 3:00pm

at 401 B Street, Suite 100

San Diego, CA  92101

Clean & Safe Services

 Maintenance Services:

  • Sidewalk sweeping
  • Trash and debris removal
  • Power washing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Landscaping and tree maintenance

 Safety Services:

  • Deter nuisance crimes
  • Provide social service outreach referrals
  • Assist visitors with directions and information

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View neighborhood maintenance schedules and other information about one of your Downtown neighborhoods.


Core Columbia Neighborhood Info & Maintenance Schedules
Core Columbia
El Cortez Neighborhood Info & Maintenance Schedules
East Village Neighborhood Info & Maintenance Schedules
East Village
Gaslamp Neighborhood Info & Maintenance Schedules
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Downtown San Diego is home to many annual special events, both large and small bringing people together for a fun Downtown experience.


The Clean & Safe Programs include the following:


The Clean & Safe Reports include the following:


The diagram below shows all of the possible maintenance problems on a typical Downtown San Diego street corner and identifies which public or private agency is responsible for the specific repairs. This diagram is an easy to use tool for property owners and businesses when reporting problems you see everyday.

With its many advantages to the San Diego County area, clean business initiatives will not only help the environment but will help businesses to succeed. Indeed, by ensuring safe water regulations and clean air, the natural beauty of San Diego will remain for generations. For business owners who are looking to put down roots in the area, this means that their own and their children's generations will be able to call San Diego home for years to come.

For those who enjoy the chance to travel to San Diego, the opportunities for starting a new business in the region are also profound. By ensuring an environment that is both business-friendly and safe and cooperation among local leaders, the county and its surrounding areas will remain one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the United States. And that is a culture businesses will always want to make home.

Clean & Safe Business Resource Quick List

Businesses in the downtown and surrounding districts inevitably run into situations that require on-the-spot services to keep their locations and surroundings clean and safe. Two of the most common occurrences that threaten property and safety are broken storefront windows and plumbing issues.

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Not only does San Diego have to contend with common accident and maintenance incidents but earthquakes pose an additional threat to businesses operating in the region. For emergency window repair, Jimmie's Glass services all of San Diego county. For plumbing repair call Boyd Rogers the emergency plumber San Diego has known for 35 years.